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I believe public art has a responsibility not only to fulfill an aesthetic value for the community, but also to consider the site opportunities with a purpose of utility and practice public safety while subscribing to the highest methods of structural engineering. Public art offers opportunity for representation and comment on civic and cultural norms.


Each sculpture commission offers a new opportunity. I am taken down a road I have not traveled before with interesting people and ideas that I am now fortunate enough to get to know and travel with down a purposeful tangent of design. Each solution is uniquely responsive and may not bear resemblance to previous solutions. Public art is a challenging, surprising and delightful voyage that creates a new identity, icon and place. 


I have completed numerous sculpture commissions since completing my M.F.A. from The Rinehart School of Sculpture in 1983.  My sculptures are included in national and international public parks and gardens, institutions and universities, public, private and corporate collections. Usually, my sculptures are abstract and large scale using line and plane to describe energies that explore human relationships and flexible landscapes.  Many of the commissions were awarded from national and international competitions though most of the commissions from the last 15 years are invitational. Occasionally, I will be asked to create a monumental figurative sculpture. 


I welcome the opportunity to work on site-specific proposals.  My sculpture is a design response to considerations and understanding architectural and exterior environments, pedestrian and vehicular usage, the energy and flow of space, and public safety.  Large projects involve working with architects, clients, governments, and communities. Successful results are born from the input and collaboration of all involved. To begin a project, I listen to the concerns and goals of the client, the architect, and the community. Next, I examine the space, environment and usage of the site. Multiple designs yield to a single concept that evolves into the finished sculpture through collaborative effort.  When opportunity presents I push the sculpture design to incorporate and reflect upon messages or co-related themes such as; Identity of Nation (Birth of the American Flag), medical research (Comet Gazebo, Howard Hughes Medical Institute), music (Firebird), art history heritage (Apollo’s Cascade), and African American heritage (Jitterbug).



Awards grants exhibits;

Rinehart Award 1983

NEA Art in Education Grant, Howard County Arts Council 2000

Maryland State Arts Grant, 2004

Maryland Art Place, solo Exhibit 2001

Chesterwood Musuem, Stockbridge, MA 2002

Rosen Sculpture Exhibition, Appalachian State University 2002





  1. M.F.A., Rinehart School of Sculpture, The Maryland Institute, College of 

Art, Baltimore, Maryland


1981      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Graduate School, Landscape Architecture, Blacksburg, Virginia


1974      B.F.A., Sculpture, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia





Faculty, Baltimore School for the Arts, Sculpture, College Preparatory, 1985-1999

Faculty, Adjunct, The Maryland Institute, College of Art, Zen and Martial Arts, 1983 -1987       

Faculty, Adjunct, The Maryland Institute, College of Art, , 1984-1985

Visiting Artist, Howard County Department of Education, 2000

Visiting Artist, Montgomery College, 1994

Visiting Critic, Catholic University, Graduate School of Architecture, 1994

Guest Lecturer, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Philosophy Department, 1981

Acting Graduate School Director, Rinehart School of SculptureThe Maryland Institute, College of Art, 1990, sabbatical replacement for Director

Curator, Artscape, outdoor sculpture, Baltimore, Maryland, 1984

Juror, Amalie Rothchild Grant, Rinehart School of Sculpture, 1988

Advisor, Program Committee, Maryland Art Place, 1991-1998

Advisor, Mayors Advisory Committee on Art and Culture, Baltimore, Maryland  1984

Board of Directors, Maryland Lawyers for the Arts, 1991-2019

Member, International Sculpture Center, National Sculpture Society, 

                Washington’s Sculptors Group, Sculptors Inc.

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